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1 Orders
1.1 Interchangeable identification plate

Why do I best take a removable identification plate?

Then you only need to engrave an identification plate once and you can combine that with various other bracelets that fit perfectly with your outfit.

There are different models of plates so you have the choice

1.2 Wrist circumference

How do I measure a pulse circumference?

The best way to do this is to wrap your wrist completely with a tape measure, this is the complete wrist circumference. If you do not like wearing a fixed bracelet, you can count a 0.5 cm to 1 cm.

If you do not have a tape measure you can take a piece of string and close it around your wrist and then read the figure on a normal measuring rod.

1.3 Allergic to Nickel

I am allergic to nickel so can not these jewelry harm me?

All our My ID + jewels are nickel free.

2 Engravings
2.1 What can I have engraved on my jewel?

Depending on the size of the jewel, you can see how many lines are possible to engrave.

Then make sure that you can be of vital importance that this is engraved on the front of the jewel. If there is only possibility for engraving at the back, you can best engrave this as the first line.

I also recommend that you engrave a national register or a BSN number so that the care provider knows immediately who you are and can find the necessary information in your medical file.