Why should you wear a medical identification jewel?

You do not only carry a My ID + if you have an allergy or ailment.

However, this can also be important for everyone of you. Imagine you are in an emergency situation and you have no documents with you, your smartphone is locked. The rescuers or bystanders can help you much faster if you wear a My ID +. They can inform family, friends or family members who are important to you to assist you.

We always give as an extra tip to engrave an ICE (in case or emergency) number and also a national register number so that the emergency services immediately know who you are. These are engraved in our own workshop so that you can have your My ID + delivered quickly.

My ID + offers stylish Medical Identification Jewels for men, women and children. Our jewels are recognizable by the universal medical symbol.

My ID + wants to respond to the needs and desires of a society in motion and innovates with jewelery from its own studio that respond to the latest fashion trends and colors.

Now you can combine a lot of bracelets with just 1 medical identification plate, which then fits every outfit.


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